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Backstage Incident with Dana White at UFC 146

Something happened backstage, after Jason “Mayhem” Miller‘s loss to CB Dolloway that might make the “should Mayhem retire” question a moot point. “Mayhem’s done. He’s gone,” UFC president, Dana White said, adding that the incident was “just some bulls–t that I don’t want to talk about. We’re on a crazy string here of dumb bulls–t.” source


Jason “Mayhem” Miller is a funny dude and he’s had an illustrious fight career. But, is it time for Mayhem to consider retirement? During his match against CB Dolloway–which he lost by unanimous decision–he looked like he was having trouble with his breathing. He took big gulps and didn’t look relaxed at all. That same breathing pattern was evident during his last visit to the octagon against British fighter, Michael Bisping.

Whether Mayhem decides to retire from fighting or not, he won’t be fighting for any organization connected to Zuffa or Dana White who told reporters, “He’s not with us anymore.”

Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s lackluster UFC career

Watching the UFC 146 prelims on FX, I got distracted by Twitter while Mayhem and Dolloway were fighting. Mayhem’s breathing made me nervous. I wondered if he would gas out before the fight was over. But he survived three rounds.

Michael Bisping defeated Mayhem (age 31) by TKO in the third round at UFC – The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale. Mayhem is adept at rubbing people the wrong way. The relationship between these two coaches on the reality show was fractious, to say the least.

Miller lost to Georges St. Pierre by unanimous decision after three rounds of fighting at UFC 52 – Couture vs. Liddell 2 on April 16, 2005.

That’s three for three for Mayhem’s UFC career. I’m disappointed by Mayhem’s lackluster UFC performance.

Mayhem’s overall professional MMA record stands at 23 wins, 9 losses and one no-contest: 14 wins by submission, five knock-outs and only four decisions.

Miller is popular with fans

Jason is popular with fans. His Twitter account has over 219,500 followers. In the afternoon before his UFC 146 fight, he tweeted, “So damn ready already! Feeling stronger than ever. Can not to wait to make you proud. Honored to have your support.”

UFC fighter, Joe Lauzon noticed how fans responded to Mayhem Miller during his walk-out. He tweeted, “CB is not making any fans tonight, but @mayhemmiller has this crowd going nuts # UFC146 # noogie.”

But Jason gets no respect from from UFC fighter, Michael Bisping, who tweeted, “Miller says we’ll meet again. Don’t think so, mate. You weren’t worth it first time round, won’t waste my time with you a second @mayhemmiller”.

As a result of last night’s events, it looks like a Bisping-Miller rematch is not even a blip on the radar screen.

Bisping is known for never mincing words. I don’t think Miller deserves another fight against Bisping either.

More Bisping, Less Miller


People have a love/hate relationship with Bisping too, but when he enters the cage, you know that the fight will be exciting. Fans recognize and respect that Michael throws everything he’s got into his fights. I doubt that Bisping will ever be a UFC champion at 185. He can’t get past the best in the middleweight division to gain the contender spot against current champion, Anderson Silva.


Bisping’s record stands at 22 wins and four losses. He lost to Chael Sonnen by unanimous decision in January of 2012. He faces Tim Boetsch at UFC 149 in July.

People love Mayhem Miller or love to hate him. I have to say that I’m not too excited to watch him fight again. I have to admit that I don’t enjoy CB Dolloway’s fights either.

The rest of the UFC 146 card rocked. No other complaints.

Source: all sources noted

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